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2. who is miller?

  • Capacity - magic number +/- 7 - reviewed psychology research
  • Encoding - semantic encoding in long term memory
  • Duration - high school year book experiment
  • EWT - anxiety effects negatively - jury experiment

3. which is a study into accuracy of Eye Witness Testimony?

  • Phonological loop
  • James Arthur
  • Peterson and Peterson
  • Articulatory Process
  • Loftus and Palmer
  • Baddaley and Hitch

4. who did a study on capacity?

  • Miller
  • Hitch
  • Baddeley
  • Peterson and Peterson

5. Which is most accurate for study of peterson and peterson?

  • Study into STM memory encoding finding it is mainly acoustic
  • Study on LTM Capacity, finding it is up to 50 pieces of info, using lists of words
  • Study on STM Duration, finding it is 20 seconds, using a trigram
  • Study into STM memory encoding finding it is mainly semantic
  • Study on LTM Duration, finding it is 200 seconds, using a list of numbers
  • Study on STM Capacity, finding it is v. little info, using lists of words


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