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2. Ions pass through the neural membrane via specialised pores called:

  • PSP's
  • Ion channels
  • Gap junctions
  • Connexons

3. Most sensory nuclei of the thalamus project to the:

  • Cortex
  • Reticular formation
  • Cerebellum
  • Substantia nigra

4. A neuron fires when:

  • There is an EPSP
  • ts sodium-potassium pumps are stimulated
  • The degree of depolarisation of the axon hillock exceeds the threshold of activation
  • There is an IPSP

5. Once released, neurotransmitter molecules typically produce signals in postsynaptic neurons by:

  • Entering postsynaptic neurons
  • Binding to postsynaptic receptors
  • Attaching to vesticles
  • Binding directly to bilipid layer


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