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1. A series of studies by Perrett et al. has demonstrated that perceived facial attractiveness is related to having a (n)

  • Thinner jaw
  • Average face
  • Distinctive face
  • Larger distance between nose and mouth
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2. The systematic study of the relation between the physical characteristics of stimuli and the sensations they produce is called

  • Psychophysics
  • Sensory psychology
  • Perceptual psychology
  • Signal detection

3. According to the "resource sharing model" of Daneman and Carpenter, all except which of the following statements are true?

  • The reading span task measures how flexibly we can allocate mental resources to the processing and storage of material
  • Poor readers show poorer working memory performance on the reading span task than good readers
  • Reading ability has no effect on the amount of "cognitive space" available for performing the memory component of the reading span test
  • If a person is a good reader, reading sentences for their truthfulness uses up very few cognitive resources

4. The suggestion that implicit memory and procedural memory are synonymous has been questioned on the basis of which of the following reasons?

  • Implicit memories are formed from deep processing, procedural memories from shallow processing
  • Implicit memories are generally stored for events in childhood, procedural memories are generally for skills learned in adulthood
  • Procedural memory implies conscious effort, implicit memory assumes no conscious effort
  • Procedural memories are for skills, implicit memories are for events

5. The primacy effect occurs because the words presented earlier in a list of words

  • Stay in short-term memory
  • Have more opportunity to be rehearsed than words later on in the list
  • Are represented in both short-term and episodic memory
  • Are generally the easier ones to memorise


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