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2. According to the "resource sharing model" of Daneman and Carpenter, all except which of the following statements are true?

  • The reading span task measures how flexibly we can allocate mental resources to the processing and storage of material
  • Poor readers show poorer working memory performance on the reading span task than good readers
  • Reading ability has no effect on the amount of "cognitive space" available for performing the memory component of the reading span test
  • If a person is a good reader, reading sentences for their truthfulness uses up very few cognitive resources

3. Bottom-up processing is to_____as top-down processing is to______

  • Data driven; context driven
  • Context driven; data driven
  • Parallel processing; serial processing
  • Visual perception; pattern recognition

4. If you wanted to make a white card look whiter you would place it

  • On a very bright white background
  • On a grey background
  • On any background that is illuminated by bright sunlight
  • Next to another white card that is placed on a darker background

5. Tootell et al. (1995) asked people to watch series of concentric rings moving outwards. When the rings suddenly stopped moving, participants recorded seeing

  • No movement at all
  • Continued movement in an inward direction
  • Continued movement in an outward direction
  • Waves of movement; outward and inward


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