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2. The suggestion that implicit memory and procedural memory are synonymous has been questioned on the basis of which of the following reasons?

  • Procedural memory implies conscious effort, implicit memory assumes no conscious effort
  • Implicit memories are generally stored for events in childhood, procedural memories are generally for skills learned in adulthood
  • Procedural memories are for skills, implicit memories are for events
  • Implicit memories are formed from deep processing, procedural memories from shallow processing

3. The primacy effect occurs because the words presented earlier in a list of words

  • Are represented in both short-term and episodic memory
  • Stay in short-term memory
  • Have more opportunity to be rehearsed than words later on in the list
  • Are generally the easier ones to memorise

4. If you wanted to make a white card look whiter you would place it

  • Next to another white card that is placed on a darker background
  • On any background that is illuminated by bright sunlight
  • On a grey background
  • On a very bright white background

5. Which of the following is not a cognitive process involved in memory

  • Perceiving
  • Retrieval
  • Storage
  • Encoding


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