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2. It is possible to create the illusion of movement by alternately turning on and off two small lights in a darkened room. This apparent movement of the light between two positions is called the

  • Phi phenomenon
  • Sine wave
  • Photon propinquity effect
  • Epsilon factor

3. The chemosenses are our senses of

  • Taste and smell
  • Sight and smell
  • Hearing and touch
  • Hearing and sight

4. A series of studies by Perrett et al. has demonstrated that perceived facial attractiveness is related to having a (n)

  • Distinctive face
  • Larger distance between nose and mouth
  • Thinner jaw
  • Average face

5. An important principle of signal detection theory is that detection of any stimulus requires that we discriminate between _______ and ________

  • Response bias; noise
  • Signal; noise
  • Signal; response bias
  • Noise; silence


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