PS2002 Social Psychology


1. According to the Sociometer Theory, _____ at time 1 should predict ____ at time 2.

  • seeking re-inclusion; self-esteem
  • being liked; self-esttem
  • aversive emotions; self-esteem
  • self-esteem; being liked
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2. Which of the following statements is an example of self-serving attribution bias?

  • Naomi’s instructor thinks she is not good at math because she is female.
  • Naomi is consistently neglected for a promotion she deserves because her boss prefers promoting male employees.
  • Naomi gets a good grade on a test and tells herself that she studied hard. She gets a bad grade on another test and says it’s because the teacher doesn’t like her.
  • Naomi is well-liked by her supervisor because they attended the same college. Because of this, the supervisor is unable to objectively assess her performance.

3. The main notion of the 'Great Man' theory is

  • charisma
  • uniqueness
  • authority
  • situational control

4. Social-Comparison Theory

  • describes the self as a network or related schemas about the self
  • describes how we form views about the selves
  • there are two correct answers
  • describes a person's subjective appraisal of the self as intrinsically positive or negative

5. Three main antedecents of collective action are

  • fraternal deprivation, egoistic deprivation, relative deprivation
  • sense of injustice, collective deprivation, unequal status
  • sense of injustice, identification with the disadvantaged group, perceived collective efficacy
  • relative deprivation, lack of institutional support, perceived collective efficacy


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