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2. How can paternal behaviour be changed in meadow voles?

  • increase of vasopressin receptors through genetic manipulation
  • increase of oxytocin levels through an injection
  • increase of vasopressin levels through an injection
  • two answers are correct

3. Zhahavi's 'handicap theory' of sexual selection explains bower bird's constructions as

  • two of the above
  • honest advertisment to other males of fighting strength
  • honest evidence to females of surplus energy and time
  • sign of good genes

4. Based on molecular genetics, it is believed that chimpanzees

  • and humans shared a common ancestor about 3 million years aho
  • are more modern species than orangutans
  • are more closely related to humans than gorillas
  • and bonobos represent a case of convergent evolution

5. Which neural structure plays a pivotal role in controlling circadian rhythms

  • hypothalamus
  • hypothalamus
  • adrenal glands
  • HPA axis


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