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1. Which one of these is a high protein main meal that is suitable for vegans?

  • Bean burgers in a wholemeal bun
  • Cheese pasta with chickpeas
  • Omlette with chia seeds
  • Hemp seed chicken salad
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2. A protein that comes from an animal is a what?

  • First class protein
  • Second class protein
  • Third class protein
  • Low biological value protein

3. How is an egg coagulated?

  • Whisked
  • Scrambled
  • Heated
  • Cooled

4. What is a high biological value protein?

  • A protein from chickens
  • A protein that contains the essential amino acids
  • All proteins
  • A protein that contains amino acids that can be produced by the body

5. When eggs are whisked the mixture is what?

  • Aerated
  • Thickened
  • Coagulated
  • Fermented


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