Protein Synthesis(B2-Additional Science)

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1. If the amino acid matches the mRNA code, then what are they brought to and what by?

  • The ribosome by tRNA molecules
  • The nucleus by mRNA molecules
  • The ribosome by DNA molecules
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2. What does the mRNA molecule then attach to?

  • Protein
  • Ribosome
  • A base
  • Amino acid

3. What does the mRNA molecule then do?

  • Changes the base pairings
  • Changes to a tRNA molecule
  • Exits the nucleus and enter the cytoplasm.
  • Remains in the nucleus

4. The ribosome attaches amino acids together in a chain to produce what?

  • Polypeptide(Protein)
  • DNA strand
  • Base
  • Amino acid

5. What is the first stage of Protein Synthesis called and where does it take place?

  • Transcription in the cytoplasm
  • Translation in the cytoplasm
  • Transcription in the nucleus
  • Translation in the nucleus


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