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2. what is the use of rRNA?

  • Carries amino acids to ribosome
  • To move DNA along and form mRNA strand
  • To catalyse polypeptide chain
  • To carry genetic code from DNA to cytoplasm

3. What is the first stage of transcription

  • RNA polymerase lines up free RNA
  • mRNA is copied
  • RNA polymerase attaches to DNA
  • Hydrogen bonds between DNA break

4. What is transcription?

  • Polypeptide chains break
  • Amino acid chain is formed
  • Process where mRNA is made using a template
  • Occurs at the ribosomes

5. What is the first step of translation?

  • mRNA moves out through a nuclear pore to attach to a ribosome
  • Hydrogen bonds reform
  • tRNA molecules carry amino acids to the ribosome
  • RNA reaches stop codon and detaches from DNA


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