Property Lead Regeneration - London Docklands

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Why did the Docklands close?
Containerisation meant bigger ships were too deep to travel up the Thames.
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When did the decline begin?
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When did the last dock close?
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How many jobs were lost?
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How big was the Docklands?
21km^2 stretch of land along the river side.
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What does LDDC?
London Docklands Development Partnership
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When was LDDC introduced?
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Did the LDDC have to work with local authorities?
no - they were free to do as they wished and use other key players instead
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What is the purpose behind property lead regeneration?
property developers could best develop the land in a way that would attract business. Therefore creating jobs and wealth that could trickle down to poor communities
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What was deregulation?
1986, Thatcher deregulated the finial city of London now allowing any bank to locate its offices in London e.g. HSBC
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How many houses were built?
24,000. 25% of these were council houses to accommodate less affluent people in the community
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How many jobs in the business sector were created?
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How much was given in private investment?
£7.7 billion
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How much did the population grow by?
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When did DLR open?
1987 - 20 minutes to city centre
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What are the issues with DLR
over crowded at peak times and empty during the day.
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How many business were in the area by 1998
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Issues with the regeneration?
The jobs created in business sector did not help the local residents as they were not skilled in this area, therefore remained unemployed. East end of London still remained deprived.
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Unemployment of those living in council house?
4%-32% increase
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What % of new homes were sold to original residents?
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when was Skillnet created?
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What is Skillnet?
Set up to recruit and train people and give the qualifications allowing them to get new jobs in new fields, e.g. business sector
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How much was spent on opening an IT training centre?
£1.5 million
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When did the decline begin?



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When did the last dock close?


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