Product Design Revision 2018

1. What best describes the Modernism Movement of 1880-1940?

  • Using new materials, having simple forms with no decorative elements, being functional and having natural colours
  • A dark and gothic art style which emphasised death, vampires and the DC Universe, it used symmetry and straight sharp lines, it was conjured in Romania
  • A bright and happy movement which resulted in the first emoji being born, this movement emphasised the importance of expressing intense emotions and artists attempted to achieve the sublime by creating small faces.
  • Linear and floral imagery which focused primarily on the wildlife in the Saharan Desert and Death Valley
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2. What is Product Analysis?

  • Firing lasers at materials to comprehend the composure of the material, this is used to look at the different components of composites
  • Looking and comparing different products to see what works in particular products and what doesn't, this is to make better products
  • Existing products developing due to Market Pull and Technology Push

3. What does Refuse mean in the 6R's?

  • Refuse means to refuse products which are not recyclable, such as plastic bags
  • Refuse means to refuse the 7R's and claim that there are only 3R's
  • Refuse means to actively protest about environmental friendliness
  • Refuse means to refuse all products that are man made and to live in a house, in the woods and living only off of your own produce

4. Why would a manufacturer choose to have a product which has planned obsolescence?

  • A consumer will have to rebuy the manufacturers product, resulting in more money for the manufacturer
  • The manufacturer does not need to pay workers
  • They get to damage the environment, leaving behind their legacy
  • A manufacturer receives attention from the press, boosting their sales

5. What best describes the Arts and Crafts Movement of 1850-1914?

  • Simple forms and linear shape, Inspired by natural forms, high-quality materials being utilised and an interest in gothic and medieval art
  • Allowing rich children to produce finger paintings of their families
  • Graffitiing public places to express hatred of industrialism and nature being damaged
  • Harmonious, however, futuristic design which utilised new materials such as nanomachines


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