Printing Processes

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1. What are the advantages of screen printing?

  • Prints on nearly every surface, economic for short hand runs
  • widely available, quick drying time, toner fades over time
  • widest printing presses, fades over time
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2. What is CTP?

  • Computer-to-Printer
  • Computer-to-plate
  • Computer-to-press
  • Colour-to-plate

3. What is indirect printing?

  • When one cylinder transfers ink to another cylinder and that cylinder transfers the ink to the paper.
  • The image is transferred to the paper by the roll directly.

4. What does an anilox roll do?

  • Applies ink to the plate and an ink pan
  • Applies ink to the paper from the impression cylinder
  • Cleans off excess ink
  • Applies heat to the impression cylinder

5. Photo-emulsion is used in commercial screen printing?

  • TRUE


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