Principles of Training

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1. What is Specificity?

  • Matching the training session to the health/skill related components of fitness that the individual is wanting to improve.
  • Being specific to the goals that you want to achieve.
  • Allowing your results to be specific so you can make the most improvements
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2. What does RIPSR stand for?

  • Rest and recovery, Individual needs and differences, Progressive overload, Specificity and Reversibility
  • Reversibility, Image, People, Socio-economic and Rest
  • Rest, Individual needs, Progression, Specificity and Recovery
  • Rest and recovery, Intensity, Progressive overload, Specificity and Reversibility

3. What is Progressive Overload?

  • To gradually increase the amount of work you complete during each training session.
  • When you have got to a point where you cannot improve you body any more
  • Where you have worked to hard and injured yourself
  • You decrease the amount of work you complete during each training session

4. What is Reversibility?

  • Not resting for long enough
  • Not completeing in sport for a while after your last training session causing any body improvements that could have occured to disapear as you haven't kept up with the training.
  • Creating a training program that allows you to be reversible with the skills that you need to you are ready for every component of the sport.

5. What is Individual Needs and Differences?

  • The needs of the activity eg, their starting fitness levels or resources
  • This is suiting the training sessions to match your requirements.
  • The differences that each person has to what their fitness levels are
  • What the individual needs to complete the sport


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