Principles of Controlled Release Lecs 2-5

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1. Fill in the blanks

  • a)slow b)fast c) saturated d) reservoir e) release
  • a) fast b)slow c)saturated d) reservoir e) storage
  • a) fast b)slow c)saturated d) bulk e) storage
  • a)slow b)fast c) saturated d) reservoir e) storage
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Other questions in this quiz

2. Which of these graphs does not correspond to Zero order kinetics?

  • c
  • a
  • b

3. Which of these is diffusion through polymer (Dp) not dependant on?

  • diffusion coefficient through liquid pores
  • Surface area
  • tortuosity
  • Porosity

4. Which of the following statements describe diffusion (>1)?

  • c & d
  • all of them
  • a, b & c
  • a & b & d

5. Fill in the blanks of this description of the random walk model.

  • a)entropy b)concentration c) thermal d)maintain e) high
  • a) kinetic energy b) concentration c) thermal d) maintain e) low
  • a)kinetic energy b) concentration c) controlled d) resist e) low


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