Pressure Groups- 5 Mark questions

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1. Explain the term outsider groups

  • A group that has power over ministers so cam get anything it wants.
  • An 'Outsider group' is a group deemed by Wyn Grant to not have privileged access to ministers or senior civil servants and will therefore seek to achieve their goals by mobilising public opinion and exerting external pressures on government.
  • An 'Outsider group' is a group deemed by Wyn Grant to have priveleged access to government, meaning it holds meetings at parliament several times a month to talk through policy.
  • Pressure groups that help people who live mainly outside, for example Shelter, which protects the rights of people to live outside.
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2. Explain the term sectional groups

  • Pressure groups which focus mainly on the issue of C-sections. They lobby parliament daily about matters concerning the issue.
  • Pressure groups which focus on a large chunk of society, for example British Medical Association (BMA), the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and trade unions. They are all usually exclusive, and campaign for issues concerning their members
  • Pressure groups which focus on a particular cause, for example Shelter and Greenpeace. Their membership is varied so anyone can join, and they usually fight for freedoms or particular policies that they disagree with.
  • It's a group that sticks up for workers' rights.





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