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The amount by which speed increases in one second
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Atmospheric pressure
Pressure caused by the collisions of air molecules that produce a force on an area
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Average speed
The total distance traveled in the total time taken for a complete journey
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Centre of gravity
The point in an object where the force of gravity seems to act
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Centre of mass
The point of an object where the mass of an object seems to act
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Squashed into a smaller space
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The mass of a material in a certain volume
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Distance-time graph
A graph that shows how far an object moves each second
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Gas pressure
The force exerted by air particles when they collide with a surface
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Cannot be compressed (squashed)
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Instantaneous speed
The speed at a particular moment
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Law of moments
An object is in equilibrium if the clockwise moments equal anticlockwise moments
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Liquid pressure
The pressure produced by the collisions of particles in a liquid
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Metres per second
A unit of speed
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A measure of the ability of a force to rotate an object about an pivot
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Newton metres
The unit of moment
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Newtons per metre squared
A unit of pressure
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The point about which a lever or see-saw balances
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A force exerted on a certain area
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Relative motion
The difference between the speeds of two moving objects, or of a moving and stationary object
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A measure of how far something travels in a given time
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Atmospheric pressure


Pressure caused by the collisions of air molecules that produce a force on an area

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Average speed


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Centre of gravity


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Centre of mass


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