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2. What did the national security act of 1947 do?

  • created Dept. of Defence
  • allowed the president to deal with the soviets easiest
  • all of the above
  • est. National security council
  • set up CIA

3. How did Congress try to regain power?

  • 1973 war powers act- meant president had to give notice within 48 hours of committing troops + forbids troops to remain after 60 days without congress approval
  • put their foot down
  • they didn't

4. How has the president gained more power over congress?

  • Gulf of Tonkin resolution (1964)- gave LBJ authorisation to commit troops without congress say so
  • The US became a global power - investing in 1 person makes it easier and quicker to carry out
  • all of the above
  • US vs. Curtis Wright- gave president plenary powers not dependent on congress

5. Who can declare war?

  • Congress
  • president


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