Prelegislative process

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1. What is the aim of a green paper?

  • To allow interested parties to comment on the subject and give feedback on its suggestions within an agreed time scale
  • To allow the government to make a white paper
  • To make law
  • To make Parliament aware of matters of current concern
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2. What is the role of the House of Lords?

  • To complement the work of the HoC
  • To draw up a white paper
  • To make new laws
  • To write a green paper

3. When is a white paper issued?

  • After a green paper
  • Whenever the Government feel like issuing one
  • Before a green paper
  • When the Government is considering making a new law

4. What are hereditary peers?

  • People who are chosen by the Government to work for them
  • The people who compromise Parliament with no help from others
  • Peers who inherit their title
  • Random people who volunteered to sit in Parliament

5. When were green papers first introduced?

  • 1967
  • 1968
  • 1969
  • 1970


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