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2. How many MP's are there in the House of Lords?

  • 500
  • 750
  • 700
  • 660

3. What is the aim of a green paper?

  • To make law
  • To allow interested parties to comment on the subject and give feedback on its suggestions within an agreed time scale
  • To allow the government to make a white paper
  • To make Parliament aware of matters of current concern

4. What is the role of the House of Commons?

  • To discuss matters of current concern
  • To undermine parliamentary sovereignty
  • To debate, scrutinize and vote on whether to approve the laws proposed by the Government
  • To make new laws

5. What does a white paper do?

  • Whatever it wants to do
  • Forms the basis of a new act of parliament
  • Nothing really, it has no purpose
  • Allows a green paper to be issued


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