Prejudice and Discrimination

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Give 8 types of prejudice/discrimination.
Racism,sexism,ageism,sizeism, homophobia, disability discrimination, religious prejudice. looks and lifestyle
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Give an example of religious prejudice
thinking that all Muslims are terrorists. Hitler and Jews.
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Give 5 causes of prejudice/discrimination
Upbringing, ignorance, media, scapegoating, bad experience
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What is positive discrimination?
Discrimination that gives people in minority groups a better chance.
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Give some examples of positive discrimination.
Advertisemet for only black/Asian/female police officers. People in wheelchairs get to sit at the front of the cinema. Disabled people working in shops eg Tesco.
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Give 3 arguments suggesting positive discrimination is not fair.
Leads to resentment/arguments with minority groups. Best talent maybe overlooked. Against idea of equality,
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Give 5 negative effects of discrimination.
Fear. Depression. Anger. Suicide. Retaliation.
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Give two generic Christian teachings that link to 'Prejudice and Discrimination'
"Always treat others as you would like to be treated" and "Love your neighbour as yourself"
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Explain 'Value of the Individual'
It means that each individual is created by God and has a special value to Him-his children. Each person is unique.
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Give two subject specific Christian teachings.
"Do not judge others for you will be judged"-God "Man is made in God's image"- means everyone is equal
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What did St Paul say about prejudice/discrimination?
"There is neither Jew nor Greek, Slave nor free, male nor female...for you are all one in Christ"
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State a parable and how it links to this topic.
Parable of the Good Samaritan- helped man regardless of his race, where others did not before him.
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Give 5 Christian beliefs and explain them.
Community- people who work and live together so that everyone benefits. Justice- bringing about what is right. Agape- love unconditionally. Harmony-to live peacefully with understanding and respect. Tolerance-to accept people's differences
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Give an example of someone who fought against P&D
Martin Luther King- fought against racism in America 140-1950s
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What did he do?
Bus boycott, marches, sit-ins, "I have a dream" speech
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Why did he do it?
He was a christian- equality, non-violent methods, "Love your enemies"
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Give 3 examples of P&D within Christianity.
Women cannot be Priests in the Roman Catholic Church. Women cannot be Bishops in the Anglican Church. RC consider homosexuality unnatural and not what God intended.
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Give 5 Buddhist beliefs.
Compassion.Karma.Interdependence.Right Action.Right Speech.
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Give two Buddhist teachings liked to P&D.
"Avoid harming living beings". "The things that divide and separate people-race, religion, social position...are all illusory"- Dhammapada
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Give two things that Dalai Lama has said.
"We need to increase mutual understanding and respect" . "If we are full of goodwill, our own mind, our own heart is the temple.Kindness alone is enough"
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State 3 laws against discrimination
Race Relations Act-1976 Disability Discrimination Act-1995 Equality Act 2006
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Give 4 examples of groups/charities that are against P&D
FARE- football against racism in Europe. Fawcett Society-helps women. Stonewall- supports homosexuals. Age Concern
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What can religious believers do about P&D
Pray. Campaign. Support charities. Inclusive attitudes eg welcome everyone iinto church.
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What can society do?
Education and awareness. Promote tolerance and harmony. Pass more laws against it.
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Give an example of religious prejudice


thinking that all Muslims are terrorists. Hitler and Jews.

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What is positive discrimination?


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