Prejudice and Discrimination

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what is prejudice?
to think badly fo someone because of the group they belong to.
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What is discrimination?
acting upon that prejudice
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whatis a stereotype?
Having an oversimpified mentall image and applying it to that group
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whhat is scapegoating?
Blaming others unjustly
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What is positive discrimination?
Giving extra to people becausef who they are.
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give two causes of prejudice
Ignorance and upbringing
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finish the christian teaching "all humans..." explain and apply
are made in the image of God. Explanation: we are all the same spiritually. Application: shouldnt matter how we look on the outside
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"Love your neighbour as you love yourself" explain and apply
You should love others unconditionally, and if yu love them tyu should not discriminate against them!
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"There is no difference betwen jews and gentiles" explain and apply
no matter what you believe we are all the same and should be treated the same
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CoEngland view on women and a teaching to prove point.
Thry allow women to become priests no higher. 'There is no difference between men and women"
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Roman catholic church view on women and teaching
Permit to woman to become anything in the catholic church. "I permit no woman to teach or have authority over men.
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What is universalism and a teaching to prove it.
It is the christian belief thats all religions are different paths to god. "there is no differencebetween men and women, jews and gentiles, we are all one in jesus christ"
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What is the 'One true way" and teaching
That christianity is the only way to god and all other religons arewrong. "I am the way, the truth an th life"
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What is discrimination?


acting upon that prejudice

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whatis a stereotype?


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whhat is scapegoating?


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What is positive discrimination?


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