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2. what is an anticline?

  • upward closing fold
  • downward closing fold

3. what is a syncline?

  • downward closing fold
  • upward closing fold

4. how are pillow lavas formed?

  • Formed by eruption of lava under water, the outside of each pillow shape cooled quickly. Each pillow cooled in layers.
  • Formou por erupção de lava sob a água , a parte externa de cada travesseiro forma resfriado rapidamente . Cada almofada arrefece em camadas.
  • Formada por la erupción de lava bajo el agua , el exterior de cada forma de almohada se enfría rápidamente. Cada almohada se enfría en capas .

5. what do you need to look for mapping?

  • Igneous intrusion- dyke or sill, batholith
  • Order of rocks/ Igneous intrusion- dyke or sill, batholith/ From intrusion- rocks metamorphosed in aureole/ Folding- syncline or anticline/ Beds tilted/ Erosion and unconformity/ Faulting/ Erosion to form present day land surface
  • Order of rocks


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