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Give a quote about creation of life.
"In the beginning, God created the heaven and earth"
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Give a quote about the afterlife and resurrection
I believe in... the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen."
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Give a quote for pilgrimages.
"Pilgramages evoke our earthly journey toward heaven.."
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Give a quote about God's decendants.
"As the father has sent me, I am sending you."
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Give a quote about The Trinity.
" Baptising them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of The Holy Spirit."
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Give a quote about sin.
"For the wages of sin is death".
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Name the 3 main christian groups.
Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.
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Q4- Explain Christian beliefs about the Nature of God. (5 marks)
Pick two of (Omnipotent, Omniscient,Omnibenevolent,Omnipresent,Just) and give 1 explain point for each. 1 quote needed.
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Q4- Explain two ways in which St Mark's stories about Jesus' disciples are important. (5 marks)
Pick 2 ( Love, Friendship, Charity, Help Others, Sharing) Explain 1 point for each. 1 quote needed.
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Q3-Explain two contrasting beliefs on the nature of the Kingdom of God as presented in the St Mark's Gospels. (4 marks)
Pick 2 ( evil, it's a test, loving, cared for, mix of evil and good ) explain the 2 points picked.
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Q3- Explain two contrasting Christian beliefs about the meaning of the words 'This is my body' which Jesus spoke at the Last Supper.
Pick 2 ( love your body, proves life on earth, liar, not actually there is a spirit, trust's disciples) explain 2 points chosen.
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Q2- Give two ways in which religious belivers help victims of war. (2 marks).
Pick 2 - charity, prayer, send packages, visits, bless them.
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Q2- Give two examples of religious moral laws which some criminals break. (2 marks).
Pick 2- murder, theft, ****, harrassment, bullying
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Q1-Which one of the following was the tax collector whom Jesus called to be a disciple? (1 mark)
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Q1-Which one of the following was the river where Jesus was baptised? ( 1 mark)
The Jordan
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Q5- The claim that the tomb was empty because Jesus had been raised from the dead is not true. (12 marks)
1 quote needed. 3 developed points. No conclusion.
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Jesus' teaching about wealth has no relevance for Christians today. (12 marks)
1 quote needed. 3 developed points. No conclusion.
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What is the inconsistant triad?
God is powerful, God is all loving, Evil Exists
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Who are The Holy Trinity?
The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
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What is The Father's role in the Holy Trinity?
Creator of universe, father of Jesus, loving father of all people.
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What is The Son's role in the Holy Trinity?
Always existed, was human for a ime. Shows the human loving side of God.
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What is The Holy Spirit's role in the Holy Trinity?
Giver of life, takes any form. Lives in people, comforts them. Takes people to God.
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Who disagrees with the idea of The Trinity? Why?
Jews and Muslims, they believe the idea is Tritheism, three God's linked. Disagreeing with the Trinity is called secular critics, the trinity is no logical sense.
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What are unitarians?
The belief that Jesus is the Son of God NOT God, therefore The Trinity isn't real.
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How long did it take God to create the world and from what did he create it from?
7 days, from nothing.
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Who was there at creation point?
The Father, son and Holy Spirit (Jesus was there!)
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What is the Nicene Creed?
The metaphor that expresses the life- the giving, creative nature of God.
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What was 'The Word'?
The only thing there was in the beginning. The Gospels link this to Jesus.
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What is stewardship?
The idea christians have to look after the earth on behalf of God.
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Give 2 ideas as teachers of the church.
Vicars, Priests.
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Who are Fundamentalists?
They take the bible lterally, reject all scientific theories.
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Who are conservatives?
Allow for science and religion to co-exist.
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Who are liberaltists?
Religion is understood in a mythical sense. Belive in science and fact that is proven.
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Why is the creation story imporatant? (2 points).
Explanation for exitance, God seems powerful, God is above all humans, reflects on God's creativity.
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Why do Christians belive life on earth is temporary?
Because they're afterlife in heaven or hell is permanent and they will reunite with family in heaven.
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What are Catholics and Orthodox views on resurrection?
That resurrection is only of the body, they will recieve their body again in the afterlife, but transformed into a non-suffering state.
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Why would Christians reject cremation?
Because they want their bodies to be preserved for their afterlife.
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What is purgatory? Who believes in this?
Roman Catholics believe this is an intermidiate state of existance between death and afterlife. It is where the soul is purified.
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What do Christians believe is proof Jesus is The Son of God?
The story of his resurrection.
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How do Protestants and Catholics diffrenciate their versions of the cross?
Catholics always symbolise the cross with Jesus on it. Protestants never have Jesus on it.
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Define Salvation and how Christians beleive Jesus did this.
Jesus died on the cross to repent mankind's sins. Salvation was dying to save others.
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What is atonement?
Restoring the relationship between people and God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
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What is communion? Who celebrates this?
Church of England- Eats bread and drinks wine in church on a Sunday. Remembers last supper and Jesus dying teaches forgiveness.
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What is Mass? Who celebrates this?
Catholics- People recite the creed, ask God for forgiveness, eat bread, drink wine, and collect money for charity.
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What was the original sin?
Adam and Eve ate from the Garden of Eden and were thrown out. This makes humans have the tendency to defy God.
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How is salvation kept nowadays?
To live by the law, and follow all scriptures and commandments.
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Define the word 'grace'.
Refers to the unconditional love that God shows to everyone, even when it seems undeserved.
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What happens during Baptism?
Font contains holy water, people are immerged. They say statement of faith and ask for forgiveness. They are welcomed to Christian community. Shows obeyment of God.
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What is the symbol for peace?
A dove.
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What are symbols for torture and freedom during Communion?
Torture = The Cross. Freedom = Reclining on chairs.
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What languages where the old and new testament written in?
Old Testament = Hebrew. New Testament = Greek
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What are 3 benefits of the Lourdes pilgrimage?
Spirtually feel better, Reassuring connection to God, shows omnipotence of God, Helps everyone.
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What are 3 benefits of the Iona pilgrimage?
Spreading of Christian Faith, helps adapt to normal lifestyle, teaches Go's exact word, less people means it's more private.
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What is liturgical worship? Who follows this?
A church service that follows set rules or structure. Catholics, Orthodox, CofE.
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What is non-liturgical worship? Who follows this?
A service that does not follow a set text or ritual. Baptists, Methodits.
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What is private worship?
When a believer praises or honours God on there own.
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What is informal worship? What is it also known as?
Charismatic Worship- Includes, singing, dancing, clapping, more joyous way to celebrate God. Pentecostal's worship this way.
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What are rosary?
A string of beads with a crucifix. You say a prayer holding them.
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How is meditation used in Christianity?
Focuses on religious truth. Usually use a stimulus like a candle etc..
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I believe in... the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen."

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