Poverty and Wealth

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1. Why did people think natural disasters happened in the past?

  • It was punishment for people's sins.
  • It was a test from God.
  • The Devil brought disasters onto people to test their faith.
  • It was a plan by the Devil to ruin God's creation.
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2. Why would God allow the Devil to create natural disasters?

  • So he could have a new creation.
  • Show how much they hated the devil.
  • Show how strong their faith was.
  • Let them be punished for their sins.

3. What do people refer HIV/AIDS to and why?

  • 'Chicken Pox' - Scared of helping those around you
  • 'Modern Plague' - Modern Secular Society's greed
  • 'Gay Plague' - God's righteous judgement on homosexuals
  • 'New Plague' - Ignoring the New Testament

4. What are three main reasons why people are poor?

  • Natural Disaster, Not worshipping God, Greed
  • Debt, Corrupt Governments, War
  • Sins, Debt, Lack of faith.
  • War, Corrupt Governments, Greed

5. What is the North-South divide?

  • The Northern world is generally much wealthier than the South.
  • The Southern World are richer than the Northern.
  • They have a disagreement over faith.
  • The North is much heavily populated than the South.


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