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2. What is lepathy?

  • The will of Allah.
  • Not sure
  • Being to lazy.
  • No enthusiasm to change, don't care, no concern.

3. What is Sadaqua?

  • Giving 2.5% of wages to charity, all Muslims should do this if financially able to.
  • 'Sincerely for Allah', Giving more money than 2.5% to Allah.
  • The will of Allah
  • Not sure

4. What do Muslims believe about gambling?

  • Not sure
  • Gambling is encouraged.
  • NO! No soft gambling either.
  • Gambling that doesn't cause trouble.

5. What should a full time worker over 22, has to be at least paid what an hour? (£)

  • 66.00
  • 5.73
  • 4.73
  • 5.21


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