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1. what where the participants for the study

  • 2000 year 10 students (age 14-5) - representing all the year 10 students in all 13 state schools in Peterborough
  • 20
  • 200 year 6 students
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2. what did the study find

  • there's no risk in committing crimes
  • social disadvantage was not a strong predictor of delinquency
  • middle class people committed less crimes

3. what did wikstrom find

  • three groups of adolescent offenders
  • white collar crimes were more common

4. what did the results show

  • more likely to abuse drink and/or drugs
  • came from a good background

5. what self report method were used

  • completed a likert scale
  • questionnaire, and a random sample of students were interviewed
  • looked at video clips


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