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1. What phrase describes the phenomenon of peoples' expectations of poverty forming early in life?

  • delayed poverty expectations
  • cohort effect
  • lagged poverty line
  • wealth socialisation
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2. Who says that the large increase in relative poverty between 1983 and 1990 reflects 'a large shift in public attitudes'?

  • Gordon and Pantazis
  • Gordon and Pichouette
  • Lucey and Pantazis
  • Reay and Lucey

3. Who argues that poverty is an absolute notion in the space of capabilities and is a relative notion in the space of commodities?

  • Sen
  • Sun
  • San
  • Sin

4. What percent income bracket do over half of working people exiting relative poverty enter into?

  • 60-70
  • 70-80

5. Which of the following is not a higher risk for women than men, according to Bradshaw?

  • lacking socially perceived necessities
  • restricted leisure activities
  • restricted movement due to safety concerns
  • labour market exclusion
  • mental health issues
  • income poverty


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