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1. If only the cost of housing was shared between a couple what percentages of men and women, respectively, would be income poor? (Davies and Joshi 1994)

  • 44% and 15%
  • 52% and 11%
  • 11% and 52%
  • 15% and 44%
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2. Which of the following is not an element of social exclusion according to Atkinson?

  • Dynamic
  • Relativity
  • Relational
  • Agency

3. Who finds that 'the more we target benefits at the poor only and the more concerned we are with creating equality via equal public transfers to all, the less likely we are to reduce poverty and inequality'?

  • Daly
  • Korpi and Palme
  • Titmuss
  • Reay and Lucey

4. Which of the following is not constitutive of social exclusion according to the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE)?

  • lack of ability to politically engage
  • lack of ability to reproduce
  • lack of social interaction
  • lack of ability to produce
  • lack of ability to consume

5. In 1997, Labour committed to the eradication of child poverty by what year?

  • 2050
  • 2000
  • 2020
  • 2010


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