Pour le piano (sarabande)-Debussy

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1. What is the texture like?

  • Homophonic with thick chords e.g. bar 53 has a ten note chord
  • Contrapuntal with thick chords e.g. bar 67 has a ten note chord
  • Homophonic with little use of chords e.g. bar 27 there is only one note playing
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2. What kind of scale is used in this piece

  • Whole tone
  • Blues scale
  • Major scale

3. What period of music was this piece written in?

  • Romantic period but with classical influences
  • 20th century but with renaissance influences
  • Baroque period but with renaissance influences

4. What kind of rhythmic device is used in bar 67-68?

  • Triplet
  • Hemiola
  • Syncopation

5. What structure is this piece in?

  • Binary
  • Verse-chorus
  • Sonata form


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