Post-Materialism and Attitudinal Change

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1. What is one of the key criticisms of Inglehart's thesis?

  • post-materialism concerns issue salience - it is not an issue on its own
  • it doesn't have sufficient data to support it
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2. When did Inglehart propose his thesis of postmaterialism as the new cleavage?

  • 1969
  • 1961
  • 1971
  • 1979

3. Who says that Inglehart's PM thesis confuses values with libertarian-authoritarian dimensions?

  • Brooks
  • Flanagan
  • Lijphart
  • Tilley

4. Who finds that Britons have become more liberal over the past 30 years due to generational change, not due to education or social ageing mechanisms?

  • Tilley
  • Flanagan
  • Inglehart
  • Manza

5. Who finds that differences exist between left-PMs and right-PMs and therefore, PM cannot be used to predict vote choice?

  • Manza
  • Savage
  • Flanagan
  • Tilley


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