Populations and ecosystems

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1. Why can cold temperatures affect mammal and bird populations?

  • The enzymes are denatured so substrates cannot bind to their active sites
  • Shivering causes a decrease in population sizes due to kinetic theory
  • More energy is used trying to keep warm so their is less energy available for growth and reproduction
  • Enzymes act more slowly as they are not at their optimum temperature
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2. Give an advantage of random sampling

  • Avoids bias in the collection of data
  • More scientific
  • Allows for more repeats to be taken
  • A cheaper alternative to systematic sampling

3. Name an abiotic environmental factor

  • Rainfall
  • Availability of prey
  • Interspecific competition
  • Intraspecific competition

4. What is interspecific competition?

  • Competition between members of different species
  • Competition between members of the same species
  • Competition between members of the same community
  • Competition between members of different habitats

5. Why are predator-prey cycles unreliable?

  • The predator actually has a larger range of food than just the one prey species
  • The scientists conducting experiments are imbeciles
  • Methods used to collect data involve systematic sampling so are not valid
  • We do not know how many repeats have been taken


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