Populations and ecosystems

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1. Why is it difficult to prove that competition causes variations in a population?

  • Many other factors also influence population size
  • Correlation on a graph is not shown
  • Competition happens very quickly
  • The data collected is very specific so it is difficult to establish a link
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2. Name an abiotic environmental factor

  • Intraspecific competition
  • Availability of prey
  • Rainfall
  • Interspecific competition

3. What does average life expectancy mean?

  • An estimate based on factors including wealth, health of the individual and lifestyle factors
  • Average number of years of life for anyone, changed every 100 years
  • The average age at which 50% of the individuals in a particular population are still alive
  • The average age that a person will die, taken from the national census

4. What are all the interacting biotic and abiotic features in a specific area known as?

  • Biosphere
  • Community
  • Ecosystem
  • Habitat

5. How would you estimate a population size from mark-release-recapture?

  • [no. marked individuals recaptured * no. in second sample]/no. individuals in first sample
  • [no. individuals in first sample * no. in second sample]/no. marked individuals recaptured
  • [no. marked individuals * no. marked individuals recaptured]/no. individuals in first sample
  • [no. marked individuals recaptured * no. in first sample] *100


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