Populations and ecosystems

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1. What is an ecological niche?

  • The habitat of a particular group of organisms in the ecosystem
  • All the biotic conditions required for an organism to live in a particular area
  • All the biotic and abiotic factors required for an organism to survive, reproduce and maintain a viable population
  • The food eaten by one particular species in an area
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2. What could increase human birth rate?

  • A higher proportion of people studying at university
  • Pets
  • Social/cultural practices
  • More contraception

3. What are all the interacting biotic and abiotic features in a specific area known as?

  • Biosphere
  • Ecosystem
  • Habitat
  • Community

4. What is the term for changes in a human population?

  • Demographic differences
  • Demographic transition
  • Birth rate - death rate
  • Population growth rate

5. Why are predator-prey cycles unreliable?

  • The predator actually has a larger range of food than just the one prey species
  • The scientists conducting experiments are imbeciles
  • Methods used to collect data involve systematic sampling so are not valid
  • We do not know how many repeats have been taken


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