Population Change

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Birth rate
The number of babies born per 1,000 population per year.
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Natural decrease
When the death rate exceeds the birth rate.
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Life expectancy
The number of years a person is expected to live for, usually measured from birth.
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Exponential growth
A pattern where the growth rate is constantly increases - often shown as a J shaped graph.
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Natural increase
When the birth rate exceeds the death rate.
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Death rate
The number of deaths per 1,000 population per year.
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Natural change
The difference between the birth rate and death rate, expressed as a percentage.
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Zero growth
A population in balance - when birth rate is equal to death rate, so there is no increase or decrease in population.
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Infant mortality
The number of babies under 1 year of age that die per 1000 live births.
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Child mortality
The number of children under 5 years of age that die per 1000 live births.
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Sustainable population
A population whose growth and development is at a rate that does not threaten the success of future generations. Countries at Stage 4 of the DTM with low birth and death rates are the most sustainable.
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The movement of people from one permanent home to another, with the intention of staying at least a year. It may be within a country (national migration) or between countries (international migration).
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Destination country
The country where a migrant settles.
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Source country / Country of origin
The countryfrom which a migrant starts from.
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Push factors
The negative aspects of the country of origin that make people want to move away.
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Pull factors
The attractions and opportunities of the destination country that encourage people to move there.
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Natural decrease


When the death rate exceeds the birth rate.

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Life expectancy


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Exponential growth


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Natural increase


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