Population and settlements

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Someone who comes into a country
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Illegal Immigrant
Someone who enters a country the country without permission from the government
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International Migration
Movement of people from one country to another country
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Movement of people
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To leave a country
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Adult Literacy
Can read and write when you leave school
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Birth Rate
The amount of people born
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Death Rate
The amount of people who die
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Economic Migrants
People who move from one country to another for jobs
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Fertility Rate
total period fertility rate of a population is the average number of children that would be born to a woman over her lifetime
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Life Expectancy
The amount of time people are expected to live
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Infant Mortality Rate
The amount of deaths before a child turns 1 year old
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Someone entering a country
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The movement of people
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Natural Increase
The number of live births opposed to the number of deaths per a year
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Population density
The total population in a country
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Population Structure
The structure of a population in a country.
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Population Growth Rate
The growth of population in a country/ the world which can be negative or positive
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Someone who has been forced to leave their country because of war, natural disaster or persecution
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Central Business District
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Counter Urbanisation
People moving from the cities to the countryside and rural areas
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A Brazilian shanty town/ shack
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Replacing the poor population of a area with a wealthier population and up scaling.
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The countryside
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Rural Urban Fringe
Right at the edge of a city where you have both factories and also farming
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Shanty Town
A place where houses/ Favela's are built illegally in Brazil
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Sphere of Influence
Influences surrounding areas and other industriers
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Sustainable Development
The development of an area is sustainable and can support itself
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A line following a route along which a survey or observations are made
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Urban Model
This is the Burgess and Hoyt modle
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Urban Redevelopment
The social, cultural economic and physical development of a city
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Urban Renewal
A program of land redevelopment in areas of moderate to high density urban land use
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Urban Zones
Zones within a city that are used for urban land use
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The movement of people from living in the countryside to towns and cities.
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Someone who enters a country the country without permission from the government


Illegal Immigrant

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Movement of people from one country to another country


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Movement of people


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To leave a country


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