Questions on key words, sampling techniques, humand populations and life expectancy. 

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1. What is the name for proportion of ground covered?

  • Percentage cover
  • Population density
  • Frequency
  • Ground spread
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2. A non living factor that makes up a habitat eg temperature or pH?

  • Abiotic
  • Environment
  • Biotic
  • Community

3. What is the definition of population?

  • All organisms, same habitat, over time
  • Same species, same habitat, same time
  • Different species, same habitat, same time
  • Number of different species in a habitat

4. Best sampling methode to use when looking at dandelions in a field?

  • Line transect
  • Random quadrate
  • Systematic quadrate
  • Random belt transect

5. One assumption of mark releaser recapture is that marking hasn't rubbed off. What is another?

  • No births or deaths
  • Immigration and emigration
  • systematic distribution of organisms
  • Marking is poisonous


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