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1. What does stage 3 of the demographic transition model show?

  • Birth rate falls dramatically, death rate falls slowly. The population increases
  • Death rate falls but birth rate remains high. The population rapidly increases
  • Birth rate and death rate fluctuates at a low level. The population remains stable but high
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2. What graph is used to show birth rate, death rate & total population over time?

  • Age-population pyramids
  • Demographic transition model
  • Survival curves

3. What are pooters?

  • A square frame divided into the grid of smaller squares
  • Jars that have rubber bands which seal the top and two tubes stuck through the bung
  • Steep-sided containers that are sunk in a hole in the ground

4. What method is used to investigate insects found in vegetation?

  • Pitfall traps
  • Pooters
  • Beating trays
  • Transects

5. What is meant by abiotic conditions?

  • All the organisms of one species in a habitat
  • The non-living conditions of an ecosystem
  • The living conditions of a ecosystem


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