Population Case Studies

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1. What exceptions were made to the one child policy

  • If the first child is a girl or the parents want two children
  • If the first is a girl or In rural areas
  • If the parents have siblings or In rural areas
  • If the first child is a boy or if the parents are both only children
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2. What method are Indonesia using

  • Immigration
  • Emmigration
  • Transmigration
  • Migration

3. Which of these is an example of an incentive of China's one child policy?

  • There were no incentives
  • People would have more time for their child
  • Free education for the child
  • They were given a box of chocolate

4. How did the France try to solve the problem

  • Try to get people to have more children
  • Fine couples that had no children
  • Try and get rid of the old people
  • Try to get younger people to migrate to the country

5. What is an example of a birth control method?

  • France's method
  • Uk's method
  • China's method
  • Indonesia's method


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