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1. What is a push factor?

  • What causes a person to enter a country
  • What makes a person to decide to move away from the country of origin
  • What causes a person to fall over
  • The rate at which something is pushed
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2. What is migration?

  • The movement of people around different countries
  • The movement of food around a country
  • The number of people in a country
  • The number of people in the world

3. If an american man moved to the UK, what would his country of origin be?

  • America
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Timbuktu

4. What is a person who moves away from the home country due to war called?

  • Asylum Seeker
  • Escapee
  • Refugee
  • Fugitive

5. What does 'DTM' stand for?

  • Describe Translate Moderate
  • Denmark Turkey Mongola
  • Demographic Transition Model
  • Demography Transition Modem


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