political repression and opposition under Alexander the 3rd

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1. who masterminded Alexander the 3rd's manifesto?

  • pobodonostev
  • the top 5 ministers in the country
  • the tsar himself
  • the tsar's wife
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2. what happened in1887?

  • a revolution began
  • a famine occured
  • the people's will attempted to assasinate the tsar
  • the tsar died

3. what was the consequence of being found guilty of political opposition?

  • a warning
  • execution or exile to siberia
  • persecution of you and your family
  • execution or a prison scentence

4. what happened to universities under Alexander the 3rd?

  • they were closed temporarily due to student protests
  • all of the above
  • they came under government control
  • uni fees increased

5. what did all of these repressive policies cause?

  • the opposition to deminish
  • the opposition to go underground
  • the opposition to increase
  • the upper classes to be angry at the tsar


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