Political Parties and Voting Behavior

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1. Name 2 criticisms of this research

  • Was biased
  • Butler & Kavanagh- Underestimated effects of short term influences, e.g sweeps of patriotic fevour. 2- Marshall & Heath- Crewe Exaggerated both class and partisan dealignment
  • No evidence to back it up
  • It ignores the dealignment of right wing voters
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2. 1979-1997, What happened to voting behaviour

  • Class Dealignment/ Partisan Dealignment
  • Increase in participation
  • Partisan Alignment
  • Decrease in instrumental voters

3. Define consumption cleavages

  • Socail divisions based on people's ability to purchase desirable goods and services
  • Having money to spend on necessities
  • Having an obession with shopping
  • Have too much money in your bra

4. What side of the political spectrum is Labour Party?

  • Far Left
  • Middle
  • Central-Left
  • Right

5. Who researched Class dealignment and what were the findings?

  • Rose and Butler- Embourgeoisement
  • Bilbo Baggins- Going on adventure
  • Ivor Crewe- Decline in traditional working class voters who use to vote labour, due to closure of mines amd factories. Also due to new working class was increase in partisan dealignment
  • Karl Marx- Increase in working class being brainwashed so change voting behaviour


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