Policy of Russification

A quiz on the policy of Russification

1. What effect did Nicholas II's Imperial Manifesto have upon Finland?

  • He could impose new legilsation, ignore their Diet, conscript Finns, and he imposed a governor general with the power to dismiss Finn judges and police officials
  • He gave them more freedoms
  • He let them break away from the Empire and rule themselves
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2. How was Russification imposed upon Turkistan?

  • Funding for muslim schools ended, Russian language was enforced anda governor general was imposed to supervise the military and civil government
  • Russification gave Turkistan more freedom and money to open more muslim schools
  • Turkistan's population was made available for conscription

3. Why did the policy of Russification occur?

  • Because the Tsars thought that non-russians were less loyal compare to russians
  • They made money through Russification

4. In 1881 what happened that was important in relation to the policy of Russification?

  • It was not a significant date
  • In 1881 the Russian language was enforced in the government and all other services e.g. judicial system, schools
  • The policy of Russification ended

5. Why didn't Turkistan have conscription imposed?

  • Turkistan wasn't loyal enough
  • Turkistan was conscripted


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