Policies of Witte

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1. What was a key factor Witte identified that was holding Russian industrialisation back?

  • Russia lacked a mobile workforce to work in the cities - as it was difficult to get an internal passport from the Mir
  • Russia lacked resources to exploit
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2. Why did Witte encourage state capitalism?

  • Russia lacked an entrepreneural class so the state had to encourage industrialisation
  • It was more effiecient compared to entrepreneural industrialisation

3. By 1905 how many km of railway had been built?

  • 250 Km had been built
  • 59,000 Km had been built
  • 10,000 Km had been built

4. How did Witte prevent the rouble from fluctuating?

  • In 1897 he backed the rouble with the gold standard
  • He printed more money
  • \He reduced the amount of money in circulation

5. Between 1880-1900 by how much did foreign investment increase by?

  • There was an increase of 10,000 roubles
  • It increased by 813 million roubles
  • It remained stagnant


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