Poetry Terminology

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1. Enjambment

  • A hidden layer of behind beneath the literal
  • The continuation of a complete idea from one line to the next without a pause
  • Poems composed of either rhymed or unrhymed lines that have no set meter
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2. Assonance

  • The repetition of the same or similar sounds at the beginning of words
  • The repetition or a pattern of similar sounds, especially vowels sounds
  • Repetition of the 's' sound

3. Accent

  • A figure of speech in which words and phrases with opposite meanings are balanced against eachother
  • The prominence or emphasis given to a specific syllable or word
  • Regional dialect indicated through purposeful misspelling of words

4. Elegy

  • A poem that laments the death of somebody
  • A poetic image or metaphor where someone is likened to something else that is seemingly very different
  • A figure of speech, such as a metaphor, in which words are not used in their literal meaning, but in a figurative sense

5. Masculine rhyme

  • A line or group of lines that is repeated throughout a poem. usually after every stanza
  • A rhyme that occurs in the final stressed syllable
  • A rhyme that occurs in the final unstressed syllable (eg. pleasure and leisure)


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