Poetry Across Time- Character and voice

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The Clown Punk
Memory, Youth/Age, Humour, Rejection, Identity, Isolation, Rebellion, Prosperity
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Checking Out Me History
Cultural Past, Cultural Identity, Educational debate, Cultural Ignorance
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Horse Whisperer
Animals, Pride, Beauty, Man and Industry, Witchcraft, Fear, History/tradition, Identity, Revenge, Regret
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Jealousy, Unfaithfulness, Power, Infatuation, Betrayal, Change, Mythology, Regret, Loss
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Singh Song!
Marriage, Cultural Identity, Lust, Unrequited Love, Surrender, Rebellion, Expectance, Money, Family
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Brendon Gallacher
Love, Sadness, Protection, Innocence, Loneliness, Politics, Cultural, Childhood
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Homelessness, Change, Money, Humour, Charity, Attention, Social Divide
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Les Grands Seigneurs
Relationships, Female authority, Romance, Power, Control, Wealth
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Destruction, Dictatorship, Pride, History, Mystery, Travelling
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My Last Duchess
Love, Lust, Death, Possession, Obsession, Innocence, Power, Money, Marriage, Title, Relationships, Jealousy, Pride
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The River God
Power, Death, Obsession, Arrogance, Nature, Superiority, Fun, Change
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The Hunchback in the Park
Animalistic, Homelessness, Isolation, Labels, Family, Disability, Nature, Stereotype, Loneliness, Mockery, Abuse, Rejection
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The Ruined Maid
Prostitution, Envy, Ignorance, Innocence, Regret, Rural, Money, Material, Friendship
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Casehistory:Alison (head injury)
Sadness, Belonging, Envy, Death, Detachment, Sympathy, Health, Loss, Failure
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On a Portrait of a Deaf Man
Sadness/Loss, Death, Lack of Religion, Family, Memories, Biological, Horror, Traditional
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Checking Out Me History


Cultural Past, Cultural Identity, Educational debate, Cultural Ignorance

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Horse Whisperer


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Singh Song!


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