Poetry: Literary Terms (Heaney)

What is Aisling?
(Irish for dream or vision) A traditional type of poem, in Irish, written as a love poem but the lovd one is a female embodiment of Ireland. It expresses longing for independance.
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What is Alliteration?
A sequence of repeated consonantal sounds in a stretch of language. The matching consonants are usually at the beginning of words.
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What is Anapaest?
A trisyllabic foot consisting of two unstressed followed by a stessed syllable. Ti-ti-tum
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What is Assonance?
The use of the same vowel sounds ith different sonsonants in successive words or stressed syllables
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What is a Couplet?
A pair of consecutively rhyming lines
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What is Dialect???
A form of lanaguge spoken in a particular geographical area, or by members of a particular social class or occuptional group. Distinguished by its vocabulary, grammar and pronounication.
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What is dialect?
A form of language spoken in a particular group/ geographical area
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What is diction
The choice of words in a work of literature
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(Irish for love ofplace) A tradional piece of writing in which local laces, their names and their lore are celebrated
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A poem of lamentation, concentating on the death of a single person
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Free verse
VErse released from the convetion of metre
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What is a half-rhyme?
An imperfect rhyme
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Words which refer to objects and qualities which appeal to the senses
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Saying one thing, meaning another
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A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action, not literal
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A stanza of eight lines
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A short-narrative devised so as to give a clear demonstation of a moral lesson
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What is pathos?
Moments in works of art which evoke strong feelings of pity and sorrow
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What is persona?
The point of view or charateristics of the narrator
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What is quatrain?
A stanza of four lines
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What is sestet?
A stanza of six lines
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What is a simile?
A figure of speech in which one thing is explicitly said to be like another; simlies contain ‘like’ or ‘as’
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The arrangement of words in order to achieve meaning
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A stanza of three similar lines
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Poetry in general
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Giiving human qualities to an object, animal, or idea
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Object or idea represents something else
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Narrative poetry
Poetry that tells a story and includes a plot and characters
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Common expression, not literal
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What is Alliteration?


A sequence of repeated consonantal sounds in a stretch of language. The matching consonants are usually at the beginning of words.

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What is Anapaest?


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What is Assonance?


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