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2. Which two poems did Simon Armitage write?

  • Give and The Clown Punk
  • Give and The River God
  • The Clown Punk and Brendon Gallacher
  • Les Grands Seigneurs and My Last Duchess

3. 'Checking Out Me History' was written by?

  • Daljit Nagra
  • John Agard
  • John Betjeman
  • Jackie Kay

4. The poem 'Casehistory: Alison (head injury)' was written by?

  • U. A. Fanthorpe
  • John Agard
  • Dorothy Molloy
  • Daljit Nagra

5. The poem 'The River God' was written by?

  • Andrew Forster
  • Stevie Smith
  • John Agard
  • Jackie Kay


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