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1. Why was Juliet mainly effected by Tybalts death

  • Romeo was banished therefore unable to be with Juliet
  • Tybalt was Juliets best friend
  • Tybalt was Juliets relative
  • Her parents preferred Tybalt than Romeo
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2. Who was Friar Lawrence

  • A part of the Capulet family
  • Friend and adviser of Romeo and Juliet
  • A servant
  • A part of the Montague family

3. Who was Paris?

  • Tybalts brother
  • Juliet's fiance
  • Romeos bestfriend
  • Her parents friend of the family

4. Why was the Montague and Capulet family at war?

  • They didnt want to share verona
  • They never talked to each other
  • Their family honour was too strong
  • They just didnt

5. Who was Mercutio

  • A Capulet and relative of Juliet
  • A Montague, killed by Tybalt in Act 3,scene 1
  • A Montague and Romeos best friend
  • Tybalts enemy and relative


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