Manhunt-themes, comparisons
themes:war, love, relationships comparisons: valentine, mametz wood, soldier, dulce
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Manhunt-rhyme rhythm structure
rhyme- irregular, rhythm-n/a structure-13 mini stanza's 2 lines long
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manhunt- language
enjambment-breaks it up- repetition shows healing time-elaborate metaphors creates image of damaged body
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sonnet 43, themes comparisons
themes, love nature religion comparisons- manhunt valentine and cozy apologia
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sonnet 43- rhyme rhythm structure
rhyme- quite irregular, rhythm-iambic pentameter, structure-regular
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sonnet 43 language
repetition, oxymororn, religious,rhetorical question
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london comparisons themes
themes-revoloution, capitalism, freedom, loss of faith, nature comparison- prelude,autumn,living space,a wife in london
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london rhyme rhythm structure
rhyme-abab rhythm N/A structure- 4 stanza's
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london language
repetition, biblical,
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soldier themes comparisons
themes- war patriotic comparisons- dulce, manhunt,mametz wood
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soldier rhyme rhythm structure
rhyme-octave abab sestet irregular rhythm-iambic pentameter structure- 2 stanza's (sonnet)
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soldier language
repetition personification idyllic
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she walks.. themes comparisons
theme- day/night, time, love comparisons- sonnet 43 cozy apologia valentine
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she walks.. rrs
r- alternate r-iambic tetrameter s-secure
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she walks... l
enjambment, alliteration, assonance
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living space t, c
t- chaos poverty fragility slums home danger c-cozy apologia london ozymandias
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living space rrs
r-subtle rhyme rN/A s-3 stanza's
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living space l
enjambment contrasting words , oxymoron
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grief t c
t- nature passage of time c ozymandias autumn afternoons
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grief rrs
blank verse
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grief l
simile enjambment metaphor personification
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cozy apologia t c
t- biography memory weather men relationships home life c living space manhunt afternoons valentine
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cozy apologia rrs
r alternate r not strict s 3x10 line stanza's
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cozy l
peronal pronoun similie metaphor list of 3 personification alliteration
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valentine t c
t-live c manhunt valentine she walks in beauty
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valentine rrs
r&r N/A structure- extended metaphor
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valentine l
metaphor imagery negative repetition plosive consonants
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a wife t c
t loss death love war c manhunt
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a wife rrs
R&R N/A S 2 stanza's
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a wife l
sharp sounds alliteration pathetic fallacy
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DOAN t c
t nature c prelude
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DOAN rrs
BLANK VERSE - iambic pentameter
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sweet and innocent alliteration onomatopoeia
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hawk rrs
R N/A RN/A s 6x4 line stanza's
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Hawk t c
t nature growing up c DOAN ozymandias
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Hawk l
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autumn t c
t- heaviness nature c DOAN prelude afternoon ozymandias
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autumn rrs
r alternate r-IP s 3 equal stanza's
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autumn l
imagery onomatopoeia rhetorical question hyperbole
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afternoons t c
t decay and decline time passing marriage and working class life c autumn grief
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afternoons rrs
R&R N/A structure 3 equal stanza's
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afternoons l
pathetic fallacy contrasting pairs of ideas
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ducle t c
t war conflict suffering c mametz wood manhunt soldier
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dulce rrs
r alternate r IP s 4 stanza's
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ducle l
repetition metaphor simile short sentences direct appeal
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ozymandias t c
t pride power culture art natural world c afterrnoons autumn living space
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ozy rrs
r alternate riambic pentameter s sonnet
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ozy l
repeated transience
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mametz t c
t war suffering death c dulce soldier
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mametz rrs
R&R N/A 3 line stanza's
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mametz l
onomatopoeia assonance alliteration personification
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prelude t c
nature c autumn DOAN
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prelude rrs
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prelude l
sound personification enjambment similie onomatopoeia
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Manhunt-rhyme rhythm structure


rhyme- irregular, rhythm-n/a structure-13 mini stanza's 2 lines long

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manhunt- language


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sonnet 43, themes comparisons


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sonnet 43- rhyme rhythm structure


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