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Background of Plato
rationalist = a priori, Socrates had been executed in 399BC, 'the republic, dualist
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Beginning of forms
dualist - 2 realities seperate from each other
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World of particulars
Our world, illusions from our senses = unreliable, constant state of flux, change decay and death
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Inferior copies
anamnesis/ we can recognise from shape, purpose etc'form os the cup
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represent true reality of nature
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Body and Soul
body = contingent, soul = immutable, body allows us to communicate, soul has true knowledge gained in the presence of the form of the good, , body and soul in conflict mind in the middle
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Realm of the Forms
perfect, eternal, innate knowledge of these objects in our soul
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body quote
'the body is the source of endless troubles' - must ignore bodily desires
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'The Meno'
slave boy recognises triangle from the world of the forms
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'you can not step in the same river twice'
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hierachy of the forms
the form of the good, truth and beauty and justice, concets and ideals, physical living objects, inanimate objects
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Beginning of forms


dualist - 2 realities seperate from each other

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World of particulars


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Inferior copies


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