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1. What does the analogy of the cave teach us?

  • The world we live is only a shadow of the forms and we must become philosophers to see the truth
  • Both the outside world and the cave are true
  • it's best to stay in comfort
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2. Who created the third man argument?

  • Richard Dawkins
  • Aristotle
  • Plato

3. What does the cave in the analogy of the cave represent

  • The illusions
  • The realm of forms
  • The Empirical world
  • Darkness

4. What are the four main forms?

  • good, justice, beauty, truth
  • love, respect, good, knowledge
  • physical objects, truth, light, good

5. What is the third man argument?

  • If man is a copy of a form, where did that come from? there must be a copy before that causes infinite regress, not possible.
  • If you pass on an idea from one man to another eventually it will get to a third and the message of philosphers will be known to all
  • DNA passes down ideas, from one man to another to a third generation and so on. This shows forms aren't real but only learned.


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