Places Of Worship

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1. Choose the correct reason why it is better to worship in a religious building.

  • In a religious building, there are no distractions.
  • God is everywhere, so religious buildings are the best place to worship.
  • Individuals learn more about the teachings of their religion when attending a religious building.
  • Individuals can worship as they wish, even in a service.
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2. Which one of these is a reason to spend money on places of worship?

  • An important part of worship is helped the less fortunate.
  • God would not want a place of worship to be showy.
  • If places of worship are not maintained, then it would appear that people do not care about their religion.
  • If the building is too large and ornate, it could distract worshippers.

3. Choose the correct reason why it is better to worship at home.

  • Individuals can have a one-to-one relationship with God.
  • There is little risk of getting worship wrong.
  • Prayers will be stronger.
  • A home can help an individual feel closer to God.

4. What is a Place of Worship?

  • A building or other location where an individual or a group of people come to perform acts of religious worship.
  • Anywhere where worship can take place.
  • A place that is considered holy because of its link with some scared person or thing.
  • A place with a picture of a God.

5. Which one of these is a Christian place of worship?

  • Cathedral
  • Temple
  • Mosque
  • Synagogue


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