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That brought into this World
a world of woe.
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on man's destruction
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Fearless returned.
By night he fled
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And with inspect deep
Considered every creature.
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And found the serpent
subtlest beast of all the field.
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imp of fraud.
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From inward grief
His bursting passion into plaints thus poured.
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Oh Earth,
How like to heaven, if no preferred
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For what god after
better worse would build?
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growth, sense, Reason
all summed up in Man.
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With what delight
could I have walked thee round, if I could joy in aught.
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but I in none of these
Find place or reguse.
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the more I see Pleasures about me,
so much more I feel torment within me
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As from the hateful siege of contraries;
all good to me becomes bane.
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Nor hope to be myself less miserable [...]
but others to make such as I
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For only in destroying
I find ease to my relentless thoughts.
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from so base original
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That I who erst contended
with gods to sit the highest, am now constraned
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What will not ambition and revenge descend to?
who aspires must down as low As high he soared.
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Their growing work:
for much their work outgrew.
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But till more hands
aid us,
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Let us
divide out labours.
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In yonder spring of roses
intermixed with myrtle.
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To me beyond
compare above all living creatures dear.
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Well thy thoughts employed
How we might best fulfil the work which here God hath assigned us.
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on man's destruction

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Fearless returned.


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And with inspect deep


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And found the serpent


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