Piaget's theory

This mini quiz will test your knowledge on Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Don't cheat!

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1. What is the final stage of cognitive development called?

  • Informal operatioanl satge
  • Formal operational stage
  • Concrete operational stage
  • The last stage
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2. What is an example of animism?

  • A love for cartoons and animations
  • Talking to inanimate objects
  • Not being able to think backwards
  • Liking word games

3. What is the first stage in cognitive development?

  • Concrete operational stage
  • Sensori-motor stage
  • Pre-operational stage
  • Formal operational stage

4. What did piaget do an experiment for in the sensori-motor stage?

  • Egocentrism
  • Body schema
  • object permanence
  • Conservation
  • Motor co-ordination

5. What does hypothetical thinking means?

  • To think without prompts or objects. solving problems logically or scientifically
  • Thinking about life
  • Thinking about the obvious
  • Not thinking properly


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