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2. In which of the following is the percentage of total energy expenditure used for breathing not increased?

  • When there is a need for increased ventilation
  • When elastic recoil is decreased
  • When pulmonary compliance is decreased
  • When pulmonary compliance is increased
  • When airway resistance is increased

3. Which is not a reaction involved in the sympathetic branch of the ANS?

  • Decrease in GI tract motility
  • Constriction of the pupil
  • Bronchiolar dilation
  • Increase in cardiac output
  • Dilation of the pupil

4. Which of the following involves tonic receptors?

  • Temperature
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Pain
  • Pressure

5. What type of epithelial cells are found in the alveoli?

  • Squamous
  • Cuboidal
  • Columnar
  • Globular
  • Elongated


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